August is here and the sun is strong! Let’s take a minute and go over the most over looked step in our skin’s home care routine, Prevention! Most often we are trying to undo damage that has already been done to the skin over years of allowing our skin to be damaged from our environment and a laundry list of other factors. However by incorporating prevention products in your routine you can avoid an undesirable amount of damage and age gracefully.

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Invest in yourself first to avoid having to spend more time and energy correcting skin conditions down the road. Let’s go over the most important preventive steps to hold on to our youthful skin. Exfoliation, antioxidants, and a full spectrum sunblock are the essentials to maintain natural beauty.

Exfoliation is key, as our body’s age the cell renewal process slows down and our body starts to copy damaged cells this leads to build up on the surface of the skin causing a dull complexion, pore congestion, and magnifies the appearance of age spots. Although with so many different skin types there is no one right way to exfoliate. Always account for thinned or sensitive skin verse thicker more resistant skin. For an accurate recommendation it is always best to book a consultation with your skin care expert. I can however tell you there are both mechanical and chemical exfoliations available. A mechanical exfoliation is in the form of a scrub, we prefer Eminence’s Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant. With a manual exfoliation you will want to work in light circular motions making sure to not irritate the skin and this may not be recommended for people with active acne or rosacea and other sensitized conditions. The key information to highlight in a quality mechanical exfoliation is to make sure that beads are completely rounded with no sharp edges that could potentially create micro tears in the skin leaving you exposed to more damage. There are also chemical exfoliations which come in liquid form and aim to dissolve dead skin cells and encourage cell renewal for a more even skin tone. Our favorite home care peel is Eminence Exfoliating Peels that come in Clear, Calm, Firm, and Bright. Peels will not only aid the production of collagen and elastin it will also help balance pigmentation and eat the dead skin cells off the top of the skin to create a nice glow and prevent fine lines and congestion in the pores. Now that we know how to keep the surface of the skin clean and neat let’s talk about how to preserve our skin.

Sun Protection is a given as damaging rays from the sun can create ample damage through the years. Sometimes we don’t want to wear it because we are sensitive to some ingredients or don’t like heavy creams over the face in daytime. Chemical filter sunscreens can cause sensitivities from breakouts to visible irritation. Although not all chemical sunscreens are bad we often let these scare us away from sun protection. We prefer to seek out a mineral-based/physical block sun protection to minimize skin irritation. Our favorite ones are broad spectrum with SPF 30. The kicker is for full protection it is best to reapply every hour when out in the sun. The easiest way to do this is apply a sunscreen cream before leaving the house and utilize a powder SPF for easy reapplication through the day. We suggest Eminence Tropical Vanilla Day Cream (available for face and body) paired with Eminence Sun Defense Minerals. Now we have a clean surface on the skin and adequate sun protection there is just one more piece to help nurture the skin and prevent further damage by adding an antioxidant.

Anti-oxidants are key in the prevention of aging as the skin breaks down with free radical damage that develops as we encounter a number of things from the sun including; environmental stressors, diet, medication, and water loss/ dehydration. Topical Vitamin Cs are brightening and a product that both corrects and prevents simultaneously. We favor Eminence Citrus & Kale Potent C & E Serum for more oily skin types or Eminence Rosehip Firming C Serum for dryer skin types. These will boost collagen formation to firm the skin as well as visually reducing redness and inflammation on the skin. Preservation is key to a healthy glowing complexion that will last as the years pass.

Stop by Amy’s and let us help you find the best protection products for your skin type!
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