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   July is a month for celebrating! Amy's wishes you a spectacular Independence Day and wants to celebrate with you all month! Look below for our Beach inspired promotions. Slow down this summer and rest those tired eyes! The eyes are the focal point of the face and reflect the health of the body. Continue reading for insight in to our three main eye concerns; puffy under eyes, dark circles, and fine lines.            
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What’s behind tired eyes?
Lets talk briefly about our most common concerns regarding eyes. Puffy eyes can signal excess fluid retention which may be a result from a lack of blinking it usually goes away within an hour of waking up as the lymph begins to flow. If your eyes remain puffy later in the day it may be a result of staring at computer screens for extended periods of time with decreasing blinking.  If hay fever is causing excess fluid it is recommended you find a calming eye serum to protect and sooth.

Dark circles can be hereditary, allergies, or medications. Here we see dilated capillaries are a contributing factor as they can get leaky and cause blood to pool under the eye.

Fine lines have a combination of causes that we encounter throughout our day. Repeat UV exposure can increase damage to such a delicate area. The atrophy of the muscles surrounding the eyes can cause the lid to droop. Then our more common, computer face is another source as the eyes strain with the screen.

So with all of this how do we refresh our tired eyes to reflect our true spirit? By giving our eyes the attention they deserve with a firming eye treatment we can brighten our outlook. Eminence's Neroli Age Corrective Eye serum boasts a natural retinol alternative which will minimize lines and Swiss green apple stem cells to firm and tighten.

A physical sun protection is recommended in the day time to protect from damaging rays.

Come visit Amy's and brighten your eyes today!

Stop by Amy's today to pick up our signature Lavender & Eucalyptus oil blend and Yoga Balm to create an at home detox bath!

  Ingredients: Epsom salt, Yoga Balm, Lavender & Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blend
  Directions: Take one Cup of Epsom salt and mix in warm bath water add a couple drops of your favorite Lavender & Eucalyptus essential oil. After soaking muscles dry and apply Yoga Balm to tension areas. Repeat as necessary to decrease tension and improve mood!
Amy’s favorite pain relief treatment is Yoga Balm! With Yakima Peppermint and Wild Frankincense this balm not only is an anti-inflammatory and detoxifier, but it also stabilizes mood and promotes new cell growth!!!
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