1. Book a hot reservation (at home). While cooking together might be something you do every day, there’s no reason it can’t be special. The twist: Devise a unique menu that you’ll make together every year on Valentine’s Day (think: all seafood, or an aphrodisiac theme). Start the tradition now and you’ll never have to worry about making last-minute plans in the future.
2. Vamp it up. Buy yourself (or your girl) three new lingerie outfits in totally different styles — over-the-top, cutesy, and subtly sexy — and use your shopping spree as an excuse to suggest a pre-dinner fashion show. ‘Cause what guy won’t love his very own Victoria’s Secret fashion show and what girl won’t be touched that her man ventured into a lingerie shop to surprise her?
3. Get the Zen treatment. Book a couples treatment at a local spa for Valentine’s evening. By the time you get home, you’ll be ultra-relaxed for some late-night fun.
4. Play Truth or Dare. Begin with each of you writing out five dares — anything from trying on a sexy outfit to something naughty like stripping — on separate pieces of paper. Place them in a bowl. Now take turns asking each other naughty questions such as, “What’s the sexiest fantasy you’ve ever had?” or “What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever wanted to have sex?” If you don’t answer, you have to dip into the pot and select a dare.
5. Go back to high school. Relive those turbulent, testosterone-driven high school years by driving to your town’s Lover’s Lane, listening to love songs on the tape deck, and getting hot ‘n heavy in the backseat.
6. Watch the sunrise. Sure you’ve seen the sunset together, but have you checked out how spectacular a sunrise is in the winter? You’ll have to wake up early and bundle up, but it’s so worth it. Besides, you can always crawl back into bed and cuddle afterward.
7. Channel your inner poet. Light some candles, pour a couple glasses of merlot, and whip out those poetry primers you still have from college. Reading powerful verses together may open up the doors of communication and lead to an intense, um, connection.
8. Give each other massages. Or book one with us! Make sure your hands are warm and you have plenty of massage oils on hand. Get naked and take turns giving each other rubdowns. If a happy ending is in order, so be it!
9. Spice up your bedroom decor. Redecorate your bedroom to look like a love den. Buy scented candles, luxurious linens, and a few toys (we won’t tell).
10. Have a picnic indoors. Spread a blanket on the bed with fresh fruit, chocolates, cheese slices, and wine to encourage between-the-sheets action.
11. Get gooey. Make chocolate lava cake and feed it to each other (no forks allowed). Mmmm.
12. Trade IOUs. Create coupon books for each other with favors, whether it’s for a homemade dinner or a foot massage. The offers expire February 14, 2016.