Of course coming to our beautiful spa is on the list! But we also thought we’d share with you a few “out of the box” gift ideas for mother’s day! Flowers? Boring. Dinner? Been there, done that. Jewelry? That’s not creative. But lucky for you, we are! And we are sharing with you!



10. A book signed by her favorite author.


9. Is Mom an avid reader? Make her a beautiful bookmark pairing vintage baubles and velvet ribbon so she’ll remember the page (and you!)



8. A gift basket of Godiva Chocolates! Scrap the cheap stuff this year!


7. Love notes from the kids/grand kids tucked into unexpected places.


6. Get her car washed, vacuumed and filled up.


5. Greet Mom in the morning with some gourmet coffee beans, honey butter, and baked banana bread, wrapped up in pretty packages.



4. A monthly delivery of full-size, yummy, artisanal food products. Cuisine Cube monthly delivery. http://cuisinecube.com/ 


3. Does your mom love to cook or bake? Williams Sonoma or Bed, Bath and Beyond has all of the cooking gear she needs!


2. Does she love wine? (who doesn’t?) Surprise her a subscription to a wine of the month club! www.wineofthemonthclub.com


1. And the NUMBER ONE gift idea for mom! A massage and/or facial at Amy’s Day Spa! Or a mani/pedi! Make her feel pampered and treasured! Call us for our Mother’s Day specials! Can’t decide? A gift certificate is a great idea!