Ever wonder how eyelash extensions work?


Eyelash extensions are a great way for a woman to have beautiful looking lashes. Ask us at the spa about getting them!
The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Eyelashes play significant part in creating of the eyes image. It is very important to have pro skillfully apply these as it will allow to enlarge the eyes visually. The correct choice of mascara is also important.
Any technology of eyelash extensions is not the increase of your eyelashes, but their lengthening by means of additional eyelashes. Such eyelashes are attached by means of special glue which strongly holds the semi-permanent eyelashes and doesn’t irritate the eyes. At present there are two popular technologies of eyelash extensions. They are gluing of eyelashes by bunches and gluing by one.
The results are beautiful and makes the eyes look larger and more open. Make your appointment with us today!