Have you tried our Airbrush Tanning? How does it work?

Airbrush Tanning uses a precision instrument a little larger than the size of a pen that allows for smooth, flawless application. The active ingredient in most sunless tanning products is called DHA.  It is derived from a natural vegetable source such as sugar cane or sugar beets.  DHA is a colorless sugar that causes the proteins and amino acids in the outer layer of your skin to react with the oxygen in the air to produce a nice brown color, creating the illusion of a tan.  You are not applying a dye to your skin.  You are causing your skin to develop a natural bronze color on its own through a safe chemical reaction.

In addition to containing DHA, sunless tanning products contain an immediate bronzer. Our treatment also includes a full body salt glow to allow for perfect flawless penetration of the bronzing solution. Call us for your great tan today!

Top 10 Reasons to Spray Tan

  • No harmful UV damage or sun-spots
  • Will not cause premature aging and wrinkles
  • No sun burning
  • Instant bronze color
  • Gorgeous color
  • Look slimmer
  • Appear healthier
  • Teeth look whiter
  • Eyes seem brighter
  • Even out tan lines