At our spa, we pride ourselves in offering the best massages and the best, trained massage therapists. But why is massage so good for your body? Let us share with you:

For The Body
• Relieve stress and aid relaxation
• Relieve muscle tension and stiffness
• Alleviates discomfort during pregnancy
• Fosters faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments; reduces pain and swelling; reduces formation of excessive scar tissue
• Reduces muscle spasms
• Provides greater joint flexibility and range of motion
• Enhances athletic performance; Treats injuries caused during sport or work
• Promotes deeper and easier breathing
• Improves circulation of blood and movement of lymph fluids
• Reduces blood pressure
• Helps relieve tension-related headaches and effects of eye-strain
• Enhances the health and nourishment of skin
• Improves posture
• Strengthens the immune system
• Treats musculoskeletal problems
• Rehabilitation post operative
• Rehabilitation after injury
For The Mind
• Peace of mind
• A more relaxed state of mental alertness
• Helps relieve mental stress
• Increases alertness towards stress signals and the ability to respond accordingly
• Promotes calm thinking and creativity
For The Soul
• Satisfies needs for caring nurturing touch
• Fosters a feeling of well-being
• Reduces anxiety levels
• Increases the state of awareness between the mind and the body