We have to admit, there are traits that metrosexual men have that make them charming.  He’s handsome, endearing and always dressed to the nines. He has smooth, exfoliated skin (thanks to those weekly facials at our spa) and an artfully messy ‘do (thanks to hair gel). Not to mention he’s got  moves like Jagger!



1. The mirror is his friend. He stands in front of it more than you do.

2. He does a little dance when he gets out of the shower.

3. More than once, you have wondered where all of your shaving cream went.

4. He sometimes get s a little crazy with the self tanner.

5. You don’t dare use an ounce of his hair gel.

6. Where do we begin with the teeth whitening strips he leaves all over the bathroom?


7. He’s a meticulous dresser.

8. He’s famous for his “selfies” on Facebook.

9. He knows how to throw a swanky party  (ask him about his wine collection!)

10. He looks great fixing your car, even though he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.

Come on ladies, you can’t deny you like waking up to a freshly exfoliated face in the morning!

Have a great weekend!

Love, Amy