We take pride in the amazing products we carry in Amy’s Day Spa!

The lines we carry are carefully researched and hand-picked.  A celebrity favorite is EMINENCE Handmade Organic Skincare. We decided to partner with them and bring it you YOU in 2014!


Our spa is known as a relazing refuge. Our goal is to deliver happiness and extraordinary service by providing the healthiest and most effective skin care products.

Our organic alternatives to skin care offer gentle, yet effective relief to those suffering from skin conditions. Below are some common skin conditions that we can help you with:

ACNE    Acne can affect skin at any age from adolescent to adult. Acne skin is usually characterized by normal to oily skin that persistently breaks out, is clogged, reactive and is sometimes inflamed. Acne is caused by a number of factors such as dirt, pollution, stress and an unbalanced diet. The good news is that acneic skin can be alleviated over time by lowering stress, following a healthy diet, and by using natural organic skin care to keep skin clear and healthy.

ROSACEA   Sometimes confused with acne, rosacea often shows on the skin as an inflammation and reddening on the nose, forehead, cheekbone or chin areas. Inflamed capillaries on the skin’s surface give the complexion a red, blotchy or bumpy appearance. Rosacea is usually a genetic condition, but certain factors are known to aggravate it. Avoiding hot liquids, alcohol, the sun and extreme temperatures will help calm and clear irritations.

ANTI AGING    Sagging and wrinkled skin are the telltale signs of age and one of the biggest skin woes. Everyone gets them at some point in the aging process but there are ways to minimize the appearance and development of fine lines and wrinkles. The best long-term prevention for all skin types is a healthy lifestyle.



Ask us about our amazing products and what we can do for you!

Love, Amy