Research on how to increase positive moods and capitalize on your strengths has proliferated in recent years, thanks to the positive psychology movement, and has shed light on ongoing insights into personality, mood, and cognition. Not everyone is born with a sunny disposition, but experts agree we can all learn how to bring more meaning and satisfaction into our lives.

Happyness Mispelled on a beach on a sunny day.


Happiness is something that lies within ourselves. We ourselves are responsible for our living conditions and our present state of mind. I

It is well said that-
“There is no nourishment like happiness; it’s an elixir. There is no sickness like sorrow; it’s a poison.” Now the question arises how can we be happy and maintain the balance in our lives even in the worst situations? Below are some points, which can lead you to a better, healthy and happy life:

• Don’t waste time on negative thoughts or things you cannot change. Instead divert your energy towards fulfilling your goal with great enthusiasm and positivity.
• What is constant in my life is- “Change”. No matter how good or bad the current situation is, it will change.
• You don’t have to win “EVERY” argument. Agree to disagree.
• Life is too short to hate people. Don’t hate in vain.
• Smile more.
• Forget- it is sometimes good for your sake only.
• Don’t take yourselves so seriously, no one else will ever take.
• What others think of you is none of your concern.
• Always support the right and do the right thing- it pays in the long term.
• Forgiveness heals all wounds.
• The best is yet to come.
• God blesses you up with beautiful days, when you wake up alive in the morning, don’t take it for granted- embrace it.
• Do not expect from others, expectations always hurt.
• Accept the people and situations as they are.
• Greatness lies in humility.