Of course we all want to retain youthful, healthy skin. Regardless if your reason for wearing sunscreen is to simply preserve the youthfulness of your skin, or if you want to protect yourself from more serious issues such as skin cancer or other skin related issues, here are 5 pretty important reasons to consider.


1) Skin cancer rates are on the rise and sunscreen has been shown to decrease the development of certain types of skin cancer. How can we argue with that?

2) It helps to decrease the development of brown spots, skin discolorations and future age spots.

3) Helps to reduce the appearance of those facial fine red veins and skin blotchiness.

4) Slows down the development of wrinkles and premature aging of your skin, if your sunscreen has moisturizer, it’s a built-in bonus!

5) Repeated sunburned skin can weaken the skin allowing your skin to bruise more easily and wrinkle. No, thanks.


So as we move into spring, and hit those Florida beaches- be sure to wear your sunscreen!