Leaves change colors up north but for Floridians, fall is full of other colorful treats to relish.



1. Sauna time switches to indoor venues as humidity and temperatures fall out of the summer stratosphere. This means the full outdoor scene revs up with art shows and fall feasts: boating, biking and other activities.
2. Stone crab season opens, but so does Knaus Berry Farm, the locally famous Redland farm and bakery with drool-worthy sticky buns and fresh strawberry shakes. On Saturdays, lines are long but distinctive and delicious baked goods, ice cream, produce and flowers make the trip and the wait well worth the time. Opened as a simple roadside fruit stand more than 55 years ago, this seasonal favorite operates from November through mid-April.
3. More sleep. one more hour to sleep — or play — as we fall back out of daylight savings time and reset the clocks. Ben Franklin is credited with first suggesting the practice as an energy- and money-saving opportunity, but it wasn’t adopted in his lifetime.
4. The breeze. After the scorching summer sun of July and August, even a minor nip in the air is welcomed. Put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and be  “ready” for the day. Enjoy the smell and feel of an ocean breeze!