We don’t have to tell you how harmful stress is, for your body.

Or do we?


Sure, you might understand that stress is bad for you, but you may not get how bad it actually is for your body or how it raises levels of cortisol-a  hormone released when you are under stress. It can affect your body in many ways.

Stress Causes:

Physical illness: If you’re constantly getting sick, stress might be to blame. There’s a link between chronic stress and a compromised immune system -your body’s ability to ward off illness is lessened under chronic stress.

Heart disease: Researchers found that stress significantly increases your chance of having cardiovascular issues, namely heart disease. Wow.

Obesity: Weight gain from stress is a real issue for millions of Americans who turn to food for solace. Finding new places to channel nervous or stressed energy beyond snacking is important. Get out in the fresh air and exercise or find other ways to channel stress.

Depression: Chronic stressful life situations can increase risk for depression if you aren’t able to cope. Too much stress and never getting a chance to relax or unwind can leave you sad and anxious, emotions that are tough to kick. Talking to a therapist about prioritizing your life or how to take a peaceful perspective in the face of adversity can help you beat depression and get back to feeling positive.




Sure, living a stress-free life is impossible. But you can take some steps to reduce it. Call us for a relaxing massage, or facial. Do something for yourself. We’ll see you sooon!