Make a Whole Day of It

To save on time and expense, it may seem like a good idea to select a short couple’s massage or other treatment option and then get on with the day. However, making a day out of going to the spa and spending time together allows for revitalization of both health and bonding. The point is simply to spend time together, sharing in the experience. Select a long massage so that time can be spent in our luxurious environment simply enjoying the company.


Decide on Treatments Ahead of Time

It might be tempting for couples to browse options and postpone decisions about what exactly to do at the spa until they arrive. Rather than having to worry and debate about what to do at the spa, gather information ahead of time, and make plans by looking over our spa menu. We require reservations, especially for packages. Choose together what treatment options would benefit both people, and book the choices together. Upon arriving, simply follow the plan and relax.


Follow Up

After spending a day at Amy’s Day spa together, follow up the revitalization by living it up a little. A couple fresh from the spa is rejuvenated, relaxed, and looking great. Throw on some dress clothes and hit up a new restaurant. Go out in public and see friends if you enjoy being social. Many couples simply go home and settle back into their stress after such a treat. But part of a spa day as a couple is showing off the results and finding the energy that relaxation restores to both the body and the relationship.


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