Nothing else compares to a body massage at our spa and the feeling that a full body massage gives.  Relaxation that revives both mind and body. More than just relaxation, massage has other benefits as well. It is comforting to know that something that feels good does wonders for yourself. In the hands of a capable massage therapist at Amy’s Day Spa, you have a full range of health benefits you can enjoy.



Benefits of Massage:
• A regular treatment can easily provide relief from stress and tension. These are often the root causes of several health conditions. A chemical called endorphin is released which helps the body ease into relaxation.
• It helps rehabilitate and even prevent muscle injury. At the same time, it keeps muscles stretched and supple for better response to stress.
• Improve blood circulation which helps in cell regeneration and growth. This means injuries heal faster. It ensures proper function of internal organs as well.
• Manipulating muscles through massages also helps the lymphatic system. This encourages the flow of lymph fluid and removes any blockages.
• Expecting mothers who get a regular treatment also have shorter labor and deliveries.

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