We spend a lot of time sharing ways to make you beautiful on the outside. From your hair to your skin, to your nails, we have you covered at Amy’s Day Spa. But did you stop to wonder what you can do to make yourself healthy and beautiful on the inside? What you eat effects you on the outside. Give us a minute and we’ll explain….

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1. Observe your diet. What do you eat more often than other foods? Do you consume more vegetables than fruits, or more meat than anything else? Having a balanced diet is very important so take a close look and see what you need to add or subtract.

2. Always eat breakfast every single morning. Don’t skip it and think you can get away with it. Gradually, your body will pay for it and you will find yourself wiped out and tired after the day is over! If you do eat breakfast, make sure you are consuming enough carbohydrates. Adding whole wheat bread to your breakfast meal is good, since it contains plenty of carbohydrates. Don’t forget you also need protein! Mixing milk and powdered egg protein is a great and delicious way to ensure you get enough of that protein into your system. Oatmeal is another food to consider adding to your breakfast. Try to get something like “Quaker’s” instead of that instant type.

3. Some people tend to skip lunch, which isn’t a good idea. Eating meat like chicken or ham is good. Again, whole wheat bread is another choice. Perhaps you could also consider slapping some lettuce and tomatoes into your sandwich and pack a fruit cup or yogurt!

4. For dinner, whole wheat noodles or rice is a delicious way to enjoy your evening meal. Don’t forget to add some vegetables into your dinner and maybe have a fruit for dessert instead of that cheesecake.

5. Avoid oily foods such as burgers or french fries. They will make your skin oily and cause pimples to form on your face. Not only should you have a healthy diet, but you should have a healthy routine! Exercising daily will help. Cleansing and moisturizing your face every morning and night will also help a lot. Don’t forget: the most important thing is keeping your body healthy!



Love, Amy